Corona Promotes Bitcoin 2.0 and Provides Funding for Developers -

Corona Promotes Bitcoin 2.0 and Provides Funding for Developers


Decentralized applications, also known as Dapps have the potential of changing the way we interact with our devices and the main uses of the Internet. However, their development is costly and many developers are discouraged by the lack of resources they can use in order to craft their projects.

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Corona-LogoAs the market evolves, developers need to find the basis needed to make their ideas a reality, and this is quite difficult at this moment in time. Ideas that can reshape the web and the applications that we use on a daily basis will provide the world with a better financial system, freedom of speech and of choice, but also true privacy and other benefits, most of which the world lacks at this moment in time.

These unfortunate factors have encouraged a large number of people to go ahead and create a couple of projects, meant to represent networking hubs for developers, who are looking for ways to make their ideas and projects a reality. With this in mind, Corona represents a global hub for Dapp developers who are searching both for educational resources, but also for financial support. The project encourages breakthroughs using Blockchain technology, while also providing funding solutions for entrepreneurs from all around the world. At this moment in time, the project aims to support Dapps of all kinds, especially those related to online gaming, file sharing, P2P finance, secure messaging, web hosting and more. All of this will have a strong influence on the market, and it will disorganize many of the large monopolies that we are already accustomed to, thus creating an open and decentralized market, where everything is done in the favour of the customer.

In turn, this will also encourage other developers who are currently afraid of going public to work more on their projects and join the market. Anyone who is interested in supporting the project should be aware of the fact that by doing so, they will be given the possibility to get early access to many of the Dapps which are currently being created on the network, while also being able to help in their development. The platforms which are currently being supported by Corona all share the same views, and the scope of creating autonomous, secure and distributed systems.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, any developer who is working on decentralized applications if free to go ahead and join the Corona network, where they’ll be sure to find resources of all kinds, but also financial help in the case that the project has potential.

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