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ChangeTip and LoveStamp Bring Love to Bitcoin


Guest article by Kevin Cruz

Changetip has rapidly emerged to be an important service for introducing cryptocurrencies to the masses; they market themselves as a “love button for the Internet.” Lovestamp, a startup based out of Houston, Texas, is working with them to create a fun and physical way to show love.

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LoveStamp is an engagement platform for merchants to show appreciation to their fans. It’s a 3D-printed stamp that, when applied to the screen of a device running the app, rewards small amounts of bitcoin. Essentially, It’s a physical means of receiving microtransactions in bitcoin. LoveStamp will be releasing its iOS app in April.

In regards to ChangeTip’s partnership with LoveStamp, James Duchenne, co-founder of Lovestamp said,

“The micropayments are stored on users’ ChangeTip accounts. We believe ChangeTip to be the best launchpad for fans to access online tipping, digital content, and products from the 100k+ merchants within the bitcoin ecosystem.”

LoveStampLoveStamp uses several gamification features to engage fans, making it possible to get bitcoin in the hands of mainstream users for activities they already do.

“We’re treating bitcoin as universal reward token and using a stamp with a secret digital identity enables frictionless interaction'” says James. ” There’s no need for QR code scanning, loyalty cards, tablets, POS integration or, even internet on the merchant side.” LoveStamp is backed by 21 Capital, an early-stage venture company and based in Sydney, Australia.

The team is currently completing unit testing for their application and demonstrating how it works. They’ve also started pre-registering merchants for early access, which will be initially limited to businesses accepting bitcoin and venues that host bitcoin meetups in the USA. The first 200 stamps will be provided free of charge to these businesses.

Adam Richard, COO of LoveStamp concludes, “LoveStamp aims to be a universal rewards platform accessible to merchants of any size, anywhere. In the next few months we will introduce status levels for fans and the ability for them to redeem from merchants on LoveStamp. Ultimately, we would like to get to a point where fans can choose which reward token they’d like to earn when they get stamped, whether bitcoin, dogecoin, frequent flyer miles, hotel points, etc.”

The LoveStamp team is currently at the Texas Bitcoin conference for the weekend demonstrating their product. Feel free to stop by and chat with them. Spoiler alert: you may get LoveStamped.

What do you think about the partnership between ChangeTip and LoveStamp? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Source: LoveStamp is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!

  • votingmachine

    Someone left a tip for me at ChangeTip. I don’t really want to open a wallet and claim 25-cents. And that 25 cents would inevitably perish in a forgotten wallet. Does the money revert to the sender after a time? I appreciate the intent, but I’m not adopting bitcoin without a reasonable motivation.

    Does ChangeTip have a way to recover tips?

  • Victoria

    Hey there!

    Question for you…

    Which would you prefer?

    You don’t connect your account to collect your tip, so it is re-sent to the sender after 7 days,
    You connect your account and forward that tip and all subsequent tips you would receive to a charity or cause?

    Would love your feedback on this!


  • That is a great idea for uses if tips.
    It could help so many people.

  • votingmachine

    It isn’t important to me to get a tip for a post. If I post something useless … so it goes. If I post something worth reading … I’m happy to have done so.

    I suppose I could collect the tip and pass it to a charity. It seems a lot of bother for 25 cents though. If it just reverts that seems easiest. I just wondered if the half-process of tipping, but not having someone pick up the tip was a problem, but it seems that has been thought out.

  • Victoria

    I understand. So perhaps someone can choose in their own account, “If x person does not collect my tip to them, please pass it onto charity.”

    Then you still know that someone has tipped you (win), and they know they have tipped you (win), and it gets passed into a good cause (win).

  • votingmachine

    That is a good idea.

    I appreciate it as a good idea in a comments section though … the idea of sending money seems somehow to cheapen the general interaction of posting. Some kind of Commercialization/monetization of the things in life that I don’t want to be that way.

  • Victoria

    I think right now, we are so used to these really intrusive ads, and the need for ad revenue, and catering to these companies for ads, that we forget the potential here with connecting to each other in a more p2p way.

    I would much rather see a transaction between two people of gratitude and appreciation – both ways! – and feel that appreciation myself for someone’s writing, than to have to keep putting up with increasingly intrusive and controlling ads.

    Like it or not, commercialization and monetization is already here – this just moves it to our control.

  • Victoria

    Now – the way the bots respond or insert text into comments is a separate thing. If I could just say $1 @changetip and it goes directly into your wallet without a notification, that’s different. Then, the question becomes — how do we collectively empower everyone to understand this type of technology (ChangTip, AutoTip, Pro Tip, etc) and benefit from it without visibility, leading to education?

    Like most things, education is the answer… but it needs a catalyst.

  • Adam Richard

    Thank you for mentioning the idea of donating your bits to a charity. We are adding this to our feature wishlist.

    – Adam Richard
    COO, LoveStamp

  • That is great news. Keep up the good work.