Cerber Bitcoin Ransomware Now Includes Malware Factory Automation

Cerber Bitcoin Ransomware Now Includes Malware Factory Automation

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As the summer draws ever closer, the chances of getting a computer infected with malicious software seem to increase exponentially. The latest version of Cerber ransomware is introducing new challenges for security experts. Malware factory has been introduced, which creates different versions of Cerber every 15 seconds.

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Cerber Becomes Completely Random

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To this very date, Cerber is the most feared and destructive type of Bitcoin ransomware in circulation. Developers of this malware threat are becoming more crafty than ever before, and they keep updating the source code as well. In the latest version of this malware, disconcerting new features have been added.

Popular types of Bitcoin ransomware attract attention from security experts, as they want to beat the malicious code. Ever since the first version of Cerber came around, experts have been trying to remain one step ahead of this malware. But the battle is long and tough, as the ransomware developers continue to step up their game as well.

The latest iteration of Cerber included a feature called “malware factory”, which creates different versions of this ransomware every 15 seconds. Doing so effectively bypasses installed security programs by potential victims.  It is the first time such a critical feature is introduced to ransomware, and it makes the job of security experts even more challenging.

The file hash associated with Cerber binaries is being changed by the command & control service every 15 minutes.  Moreover, this process is fully automated, and it significantly increases the chances of infecting computers and networks. Evading detection is the biggest concern for security experts, and they will have to come up with a new way to remove the threat presented by Cerber.

This news is just the latest form of innovation hitting the world of Bitcoin ransomware. As if encrypting files alone is not enough to deal with, certain types of malware will execute DDoS attacks using the computers held hostage. Consumers are advised to keep backups of their filesystem at all times, and ensure their security software and operating system are up-to-date.

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Jp Buntinx

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