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C4 Launches World’s First Bitcoin Certification Program


The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), has announced the world’s first Bitcoin certification program aimed at helping solve the skills shortage as it relates to the burgeoning Bitcoin technology adoption. With Bitcoin related start-ups continuing to gain attention from venture capitalists and existing multinational companies now accepting Bitcoin payments, there is a lack of skilled technical experts available to hiring managers and technical recruiters around the world looking to fill Bitcoin roles.

Personally, this is exciting news for many people who want to put their knowledge and skills related to Bitcoin to a test. It can definitely expand your knowledge of cryptocurrency as a whole as well. A unique idea which, from my short time researching it, it definitely puts your knowledge of cryptocurrency to a test. It is true when they say there is a lack of skilled experts int he Bitcoin field, and this certification may be what separates those who don’t know from those who are very experienced in the field.

“Over the next few years, several thousand people will be hired in this space. The certification program from C4 will be an important way for startups to evaluate the knowledge and skills of job applicants,” said Andreas Antonopoulos, author of “Mastering Bitcoin – Unlocking Digital Crypto-Currencies.”

He added:

“While it’s getting easier to use every day, the fact is that Bitcoin can be difficult to use until you understand it, just like email was in the ’80s. However in this case it’s digital money instead of digital mail,” said Michael Perklin, President, C4. “If your company will be handling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you’ll need staff and experts who know how Bitcoin works in order to ensure your funds are stored safely.

“While C4 is certifying existing professionals now, they are already working with schools and training companies to ensure their courses will cover the necessary material in order to prepare students for C4’s exams. Russell Verbeeten, C4’s Director of Education says CBP-compliant curriculums will be available soon. Additional certifications such as the Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX) will be available this winter which will cover advanced technical knowledge required by developers and security professionals. Further certifications for alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin, are also planned for release”

This is a very intriguing idea for Bitcoin experts all over the world. It gives people an incentive to actually complete their certification. This is  a way of showing others that you actually have knowledge in the field. Not only this, you are one of the most knowledgeable in the Bitcoin field. It puts everything we know about cryptocurrency to test, from mining to how the blockchain works, and that is something crucial when speaking of cryptocurrency. The understanding of the blockchain and how it interacts with the coin itself  is very important, and I love the idea proposed by this type of certification.

Image Source: CryptoConsortium Website

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