Buy and Sell Local Products Anywhere in the World -

Buy and Sell Local Products Anywhere in the World


Do you have a product that could be sold on a global scale but have multiple restrictions holding you back? There are many niche products out there that would benefit from being able to be sold internationally. However, many business owners run into the same problems over and over again when they try to scale their business to the global level.

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Buying and Selling Products Made Easy

BitGlobal ProductsBureaucracy slows progress and hampers efficiency. But what if there was a way to sidestep that bureaucracy and connect to clients all over the world? That’s where BitGlocal comes in. BitGlocal allows small businesses to connect with clients regardless of location.
So what exactly is this funnily-named BitGlocal? ‘Bit’ coming from the increasingly used BitCoin electronic currency is the currency used to make transactions on BitGlocal. Glocal is a combination of the global and the local. It brings people together in our increasingly globalized world. A seller may have a great product that doesn’t sell well in their home country but could have enormous potential internationally. Your product could be an amazing, revolutionary idea but quite frankly, without a global marketplace like BitGlocal, it could go to waste.

The traditional marketplace can be so risky and complicated that selling your product globally may not even be profitable. You may need things like an offshore company, do offshore banking and escrow.
The fantastic thing about BitGlocal is that it’s an open and free marketplace and it eliminates the need for these limitations that only serve to hold small businesses back. It’s simple and fair. Fair in that sellers are connected easily with a large amount of potential customers and fair for consumers in that they’re able to find products that would be impossible to find at their own local level. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

BitGlocal is great. But how on earth does it work? What if you’ve never used BitCoins before? The process is actually extremely simple and streamlined. If you have a product, you simple upload some pictures and a description to the platform and then people buy your product. The seller then confirms the order and the buyer makes a payment in BitCoins. Once the seller has received confirmation of the payment, they can go ahead and ship the product. The buyer then rates your product and service.

A lot of companies out there claim to have a revolutionary new service or product. And a lot of times they’re just blowing smoke. is the real deal – a truly revolutionary platform that connects people from all around the world. Never before has buying and selling on a worldwide scale been so accessible. is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!