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BTC.SX : Bitcoin Trading Platform


Like many services, BTC.SX allows you to trade Bitcoin on an intuitive interface. Unlike most services that offer similar capabilities, BTC.SX is the first BItcoin-ONLY trading platform; allowing users to take advantage of rising or falling Bitcoin prices using leveraged trades.

BTC.SX was first established in 2014 by Joe Lee with co-founders George Samman, who also happens to be a former Wall Street Portfolio Manager, and Vincent Hoong (CFO), who is was a Chartered Accountant and an Economics Analyst. Now comprised of a team of 8 members that have strong backgrounds in finance, IT, and business, BTC.SX has managed to receive a 500 Bitcoin seed-fund after processing $44 million of trade volume in a year.

Rest assured that your BItcoins are safe, as BTC.SX implements cold-storage, multi-sig, and full reserves to protect your deposits. Doing this through three supported exchanges , users benefit from:

1. Being able to trade using a 2,5,or20 : 1 leverage

2. Set sell limits and regular or trailing stops

3. No subscription, deposit, or withdrawal fees.

4. Having trades execute on exchange’s order books, allowing the end user to move and trade at a reasonable price position during even highly volatile periods.

Fees are also quite reasonale alaready, but the fees seen on BTC.SXs’ Website will soon be changed, as there will soon be a 20% reduction on Trading fees, as well as a 50% fee reduction on daily interest charge, with no interest charge for the first 24 hours.

Nigel Dollentas

Nigel Dollentas

Born in the Philippines, currently stationed in the USA. The youngest member of our writing team, Nigel is our freelance writer. Learned about Cryptocurrency right after the Mt. Gox crash and has been passionate ever since. @NigelDollentas