BSave Upgrades Customer Account Security with Clef

BSave Upgrades Customer Account Security with Clef

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April 09, 2016 — BSave, creators of a new generation of Bitcoin savings account, announced an integration with Clef, a simple and secure login that replaces usernames and passwords. Starting today, Bsave partnered with Clef as its primary method and preferred choice for user login. BSave is the latest in a growing number of Bitcoin related ventures to add Clef to their features set. Many Bitcoin services deal with the transfer of currency and thus require high-level security. Clef is a highly visible way to demonstrate security and earn invaluable user trust.

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BsaveBSave is a London based start-up which has created the world’s first cryptocurrency savings account bearing interest by the minute. The platform allows individuals to create an account, transfer their bitcoin into the new account, and start earning competitive interest rates immediately. Interest is credited to customer accounts on a daily basis, and presently BSave sites a 2.89% APR for customer accounts. BSave also guarantees full liquidity on all accounts. Customers can withdraw funds at any time without financial penalties. The company has taken implemented a suite of security measures, the latest of which is the Clef integration, to assure the maximum level of customer account security.

On top of the basic cryptographic login that Clef offers, BSave has also integrated Clef’s advanced protections through a feature called, “Distributed Authentication.”  Normally, when you log in with Clef, all of the cryptography happens on the Clef server, and then your information is passed to whatever site you are logging in to. With Distributed Authentication, the site gets a copy of your public key from the Clef server to verify the login. The site then sends a challenge to the Clef app on your phone, where you confirm and sign it. This lets the partner site verify the login independently of the Clef server, so that even in extreme cases of compromise, your account is still protected.

About BSave

BSave is delivering products and infrastructure to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin. The Company is focused on delivering accessible, transparent, safe and easy to use products for the consumers and is uniquely positioned to do so based on the experience and background of the founding team which combine skills in:

  • Capital markets, algorithms and financial structures
  • Easy to use applications and interfaces
  • Transactional platforms
  • Digital currency security and blockchain know-how

BSave, will continue to expand its market reach and product offering through a pipeline of innovative products and partnerships and plans to become a significant player in the emerging digital currency market. For more information, follow us on twitter at @bsave_io or visit us at:

About Clef

Clef has built a replacement for usernames and passwords that makes it easy for businesses to provide customer accounts with maximum security. Clef powers logins for more than 150,000 sites and The New York Times described Clef as “magical.” Additionally, the company has received accolades from, Techcrunch, and The Economist. Clef is based in Oakland, California and is funded by Morado Ventures and angels from a broad variety of product and security backgrounds. For more information on Clef, visit or check out their press kit.

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