Blog KnCMiner Joins Bitcoin Foundation at Platinum Level -

Blog KnCMiner Joins Bitcoin Foundation at Platinum Level

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We knew that KnC has been gaining huge profits now they begun to spend some of their income…
Staring with a decent 100.000$ Platinum member fee to the Bitcoin Foundatin…

We bet the foundation was quite happy to put their logo out there :)n

In five short years, Bitcoin mining has inspired cutting edge innovation and breathed new life into the silicon industry. Leading the pack is our newest Platinum member, KnCMiner.

“We are avid believers in Bitcoin and its potential to shape the future of digital transactions worldwide — most notably for millions of people traditionally locked out of the financial system. Our values are aligned with that of the Bitcoin Foundation and we are proud to support its work,” said Andreas Kennemar, Co-Founder of KnCMiner, Inc.

Based in Stockholm, KnCMiner is a proven leader in delivering custom designed, high performance ASIC mining hardware — payable in bitcoin. Their mission is to provide the best equipment and service solutions in Bitcoin mining. Co-founders Andreas Kennemar, Marcus Erlandsson, Michael Unnebäck, and Sam Cole bring 10+ years of experience in embedded electronic development, focused on FPGA and ASIC design as well as 25+ years in product and service development respectively.

“In this era of Bitcoin mining, experienced companies like KnCMiner provide the necessary technology to strengthen and power the distributed network and secure long-lasting stability for Bitcoin’s infrastructure,” said Jon Matonis, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

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