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Bitwala’s New EmailPay Platform


Bitwala the service that allows EU citizens to pay their bills in Bitcoin has just announced a new feature on their platform. The new ingredient added to the Bitwala program is called EmailPay, a concoction that enables users to send digital currency by email. Anyone with a valid bank account can now receive the virtual money when a registered user gives an email address and the amount owed. The process makes paying bills easier using the currency, and the Bitwala team wants to offer simpler advantages to the community.  

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“We think that Bitwala’s EmailPay tool is great for getting people into Bitcoin, show them how easy it is to handle them”  Bitwala

bitwala_bitcoinistPeople who live in the European Union have been able to access the Bitwala platform that pays many bills using SEPA transfers. Instead of paying utilities and services with European tender the company believes “you should be able to pay for anything with Bitcoin”. The Netherlands-based provider claims it offers the “best exchange rates for Euro transfers” and now it’s email offering allows easier crypto-transfer ability.

Currently, Bitwala charges a 0.05% fee towards the transfer of EUR settling payments using Spectrocoin exchange rates. EmailPay adds to the company’s versatility as being a secure payment solution that can pay electricity, rent and phone bills with a single transaction. The company recently teamed up with the processing business BitPay to settle its Euro transfers. In a blog post, Jörg von Minckwitz, CEO of Bitwala said:

“All Euro transfers will be handled by our long time partner BitPay and we will be able to provide you the best exchange rate out there.” Jörg von Minckwitz, CEO of Bitwala

1Bitwala’s EmailPay platform adds to the benefits of its QuickPay solution a product the company revealed a few months prior. QuickPay enables users to bypass login and password credentials so they can pay certain bills with the Bitwala service. The company offers its bill pay advantages in 19 countries residing in the Euro-Zone including Spain, Greece, Austria, Cyprus, the Netherlands and more. Whatever amount is authorized by the sender can now be sent via Bitwala’s EmailPay at any time of the week, and any time of the day. Fully-verified registered users can typically transfer up to 50 000€ per month and also can set up recurring payments through its original offerings.

2Bitwala’s EmailPay procedure goes over rather simply. Through the website’s dashboard, all a person needs to do is press the “new bill button” and it starts the process. From that point, registered users must accept Bitwala’s terms of agreement to confirm the payment in Bitcoin. The company says they’ve been receiving quite a bit of good feedback regarding their bill pay services and positivity towards the QuickPay implementation. Jörg von Minckwitz and the team are excited to add more benefits to the Bitcoin bill paying experience and invoicing through email was the next logical step. There are other services that offer Bitcoin transfers through email like . However, Bitwala’s wants to be the all inclusive bill paying toolkit contributing to both email services and SEPA bill pay transfers as well. Every day it’s getting easier for Bitcoin users to send Satoshis to purchase items and pay debts!

What do you think about paying bills with Bitcoin through email? Let us know in the comments below.  

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