Bitcoinist Podcast: Episode 5 Available -

Bitcoinist Podcast: Episode 5 Available

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The fifth episode of the Bitcoinist Podcast aired today. It’s available on our RSS feed, Soundcloud, gPodder, Stitcher, and a growing number of podcasting apps and services. In this episode, My co-host, Caleb Chen and I, discuss the rise in Bitcoin’s price, Jacob Appelbaum’s ousting from the Tor project, Windows 10’s various new security flaws, the kernel level Allwinner ARM exploit, play with drones in the background, and more. Have a listen here:

The podcast is in full swing again, so subscribe with whatever service you prefer, and rest assured that new content is on it’s way. We’ll be putting up new episodes on a weekly release schedule, and plan on featuring even more interviews with prominent people from the bitcoin business and development communities moving forward. The interviews will also be available in a stand-alone version on our youtube channel.

The aim of the podcast is to discuss current events in the Bitcoin and larger technology ecosystems in an informative, but accessible and friendly manner. We eschew stilted news reads for face-to-face interviews, organic discussion, and a holistic approach to informing our listeners. That said, we take care to ensure our content is as accurate and up to date as possible as our format allows, so we encourage listener feedback and interaction.

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Tyson O'Ham