Bitcoinist News Round up! -

Bitcoinist News Round up!

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Price drop and Wallet update!

bitcoinBitcoin V0.9.2 has officially released, check out the github to get the update. Minor updates according to release notes “bringing mostly bug fixes and some minor improvements. OpenSSL has been updated because of a security issue (CVE-2014-0224).” Even if it is a minor release, upgrading is still recommended.  On a side note, Bitcoin is down again, around the $560 mark. It seems that the price decrease is a combination of the US Marshall auctioning off seized Bitcoin from the Silk Road and Ghash closing in on 51%.

 Bitfury steps away from Ghash, moves several PH/s of mining power

th (1)On another related story with Ghash, Bitfury is taking the right step in the right direction. According to Bitfury’s recent statement, they have moved already 1.5 petahashes away from the mining pool, and are moving additional petahashes in the next 72 hours.  They are willing to pull even more hash power from the pool if Ghash nears 51% again, which I admire deeply. Even if Bitfury is a centralized operation it seems they still understand the roots of Satoshis original message of decentralization, if to some extent at least.

 Reddcoin blockhalving party soon, big announcements!

downloadReddcoin is block halving soon! They are hosting tipping parties when that happens so if you want some free Reddcoin, just keep your eyes peeled! At block 190000, something big will happen. Check their subreddit when that block hits. Many speculate what it could be; a confirmed invite only for a beta testing for a wallet is the only solid information available at this time. No matter what it is, market is responding positively to it, in fact it’s up 10% today as of the time of writing.

Reddcoin Subreddit: how much time till blockhalving!


New website by blockchain launches,

UntitledA new website by Blockchain, has launched. It’s a great one stop shop for anyone that would like to introduce someone to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and general. It explains what Bitcoin is, the current price of it, merchants, features, etc. It has Google translated directly integrated so you can translate the webpage into many languages to have the most impact. On top of the fact that Blockchain will be releasing an update to their Android wallet, and resubmit its IOS application due to recent changes in the App Store policy, Blockchain is taking big steps for adoption. is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!