Bitcoinist News Bits - The KnC Lawsuit Investigation

Bitcoinist News Bits: The KnC Lawsuit Investigation


Charlotte C. Lin is the US lawyer who has been putting together the class action lawsuit against KnC for failure to ship miners purchased. During the discovery phase she also found that the few miners shipped were flawed with many catching fire.

Charlotte sits down with Scott Fargo the Editor in Chief of Bitcoinist to let us know how the suit is progressing.

Scott Fargo

Scott Fargo

I am a disabled former Systems Admin, computer tech, business manager enjoying crytpocurrencies. I am the Editor in Chief of and Being able to help others has allowed me to an outlet to the world and to share my passion that is Bitcoin. I am deeply involved in the mining ecosystem and physical coins, It fascinates me how it has brought people from all over the world together into a tight knit supportive community with commerce and tech.

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    I find that your main focus is on gum chewing and not the actual reporting, which has affected thousands of customers. Scott has explained his reasons, and that should be sufficient.

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