Bitcoin Price Hits $600, Technical Indicators Bullish

Bitcoin Price Hits $600, Technical Indicators Bullish

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The bitcoin price’s new upward path is set to consolidate to even higher price levels beyond $600, according to technical indicators.

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Technical Analysis

Long-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

Prices are quoting in a new scenario pointing to higher levels. Bullish consensus allows a sustained movement that can probably ignore every intermediate resistance from the current quotes up to $820, where the technical objective is calculated.

There is not any pattern or well-known formation to mention, but only the forecasting of mixing theories and a lot of lateral thinking. Based on old references in the present chart, the the next stage may drive the action to a lateral market around $1000.

Mid-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

Mathematical indicators and prices are approaching differences in an upward path to $820. Furthermore, every oscillator currently reflects buy signals. Mixing together every technical factor, the idea of a rise takes hold without intermediate resistances to consider.

Current support levels still sit at $580-$600. Prices over that resistance will allow a professional buying zone below $650, with profit-taking near the technical goals.

Short-Term Analysis

bitcoin price technical analysis

Every indicator suggests continued bullish activity in the short-run. The bitcoin price currently faces several weak pockets of resistance that shouldn’t stop the climb. and may also became

Weak hands will take profit all the way up, but Japanese candlestick analysis shows a market strong enough to continue pushing bitcoin beyond $820 through any selling activity.

Staff opinion: We expect the bitcoin price to stay in the low $600s for some time before continuing its rise. This is due to profit taking occurring at the $600 level, which may even push the price back into the $500s, delaying the technical patterns. 

What do you think will happen to the bitcoin price? Will it really reach $820 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Andre

    Trading 101: Always use logarithmic scale, since a rise from 100 to 200 equals a rise from 10 to 20. Drawing straight lines on a lineair graphs is meaningless.

  • Andreas H

    Andre, I agree. I sometimes say ‘pretty pictures don’t tell the truth’. I think price will go up, but given volatility, market manipulation etc., the immediate direction is at this point pure conjecture. I’d estimate though that the direction should be up based on that is the rebound happening to pre-finexhack levels. If the price gets momentum then people will get drawn into it so, as you pointed out; it shouldbe more logarithmic when one of those surges happen, per past history. I don’t think, as the authr states, a free rise to 680, there are now so many actors on the market that create these price jumps and fake-outs and resistance lines, so it will be rises according to what we saw last couple of weeks; jumps up, flatten outs, a correction down and then repeat. I attribute this also to the nervousness of the traders based on the recent events with huge price drops.