Bitcoin IRA Gives Away Free Silver to Celebrate $500K Milestone

Bitcoin IRA Gives Away Free Silver to Celebrate $500K Milestone

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA, an investment service allowing people to make bitcoin part of their retirement portfolios, is celebrating $500,000 USD in total investments since its June 2016 launch.

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Bitcoin IRA Celebrating $500K

bitcoin ira logoAs part of this celebration, the company is giving customers a 1 percent rebate in real silver for each new investment account they open on the platform.

The company told press that the rebate will apply to all accounts opened through the end of August, and will amount to 1 percent of the investment made with the new accounts.

An investment of $15,000, for example, will earn the account holder $150 in real silver.

Bitcoin IRA believes their service is a good way to save for retirement, considering the fact that bitcoin has been one of the top-performing assets in 2016. The company expects the value of bitcoin to continue rising, and wants people to take advantage of the investment opportunities bitcoin’s growth presents.

“Bitcoin is one of the most important currency innovations in decades,” Ed Moy, Bitcoin IRA Chief Strategist, told press. “It’s a decentralized, global form of money, so its value isn’t tied to the economy of any one specific country. That makes it an excellent way to diversify your investments.”

In line with Moy’s confidence in bitcoin, the company markets their service as “an innovative way for investors to build their 401 (k) and protect their retirement savings against market turmoil.”

According to the Bitcoin IRA website, the firm offers both an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and a 401 (k). These services sets the company apart from other bitcoin retirement services, said Bitcoin IRA, because their packages are actually IRS-approved.

The firm’s website says that their IRAs and 401 (k)s work just like their traditional counterparts, except that theirs are funded with bitcoin instead of other, more orthodox investment vehicles.

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    The annual limit on IRAs is like $5500, btw.