Anycoin Direct Adds Ethereum To Their Exchange Platform -

Anycoin Direct Adds Ethereum To Their Exchange Platform

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A lot of digital currency exchanges are focusing their attention on making the process of buying and selling Bitcoin and other currencies more convenient. Anycoin Direct is one of Europe’s leading exchange platforms in that regard, as they let customers use a wide variety of options. Now that Ethereum can also be bought through Anycoin Direct, exciting things are on the horizon for this European exchange.

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Ethereum Support Added To Anycoin Direct

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Ethereum is one those digital currencies seeing an explosive growth over the past few months. As a result, there is a growing demand from investors and people not involved in Bitcoin who want to get their hands on some Ether. However, that is nearly impossible, as very few exchanges offer Ethereum purchasing options in exchange for more convenient payment methods.

This is where Anycoin Direct comes into the picture, as the company has announced Ethereum support earlier today. It is not the first time this exchange platform adds alternative digital currencies to their repertoire, as customers can also purchase Dogecoin, DASH, Litecoin, and select few other currencies.

Buying from Anycoin Direct can be done in either EUR or Canadian Dollar, as those are the only two supported fiat currencies for the time being. This opens up a lot of interesting payment options for Ethereum enthusiasts in supported regions, as they can complete purchases of Ether in a matter of mere minutes.

Among the supported payment methods are Bancontact/Mister Cash , IDEAL, SEPA, Sofort and TrustPay for European customers. Users pay in Canadian Dollar can use the INTERAC Online service which allows for instant bank transfers. Anycoin Direct is working on adding even more supported payment methods over time, but this process takes a fair amount of time.

The addition of Ethereum is a direct result of growing customer demand for this popular digital currency. Especially the technology powering the Ethereum protocol is of great interest to a lot of people, as it takes the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain to a new level. The Ethereum project is often referred to as a “Bitcoin 2.0” project, as it is built on top of the most popular digital currency.

Selling Ethereum, Bitcoin, And Others For Paypal or SEPA

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But Anycoin Direct is not just distinguishing themselves from the competition on the buying side of things. Users who want to sell any of the supported digital currencies to the exchange platform can do so in exchange for PayPal or SEPA transfers, which are available to both European and Canadian customers.

Do keep in mind users will still need to go through a verification process when using Anycoin Direct, as this exchange is compliant with regulatory guidelines concerning AML and KYC procedures. That being said, the validation procedure of all of the required documents is relatively fast, and users should be able to buy or sell their digital currency – including Ethereum – the same day.

What are your thoughts on Anycoin Direct adding Ethereum to the list of supported currencies? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Expanse <3

    Nice digital currency exchanges!

  • little-lucy

    R3 is also using bots on the polo exchange to pump Eth.. Its only has volume on one exchange polo where they use api bots to set price,

    the other small exchanges just follow.

    everyone should get on this to make easy money from trading, they pump it for a long time to set new highs to generate press which is good for the coin. nice to get market volume. key is not to get greedy & get out before they top as they sell at the top & take profits.

    Bots control the price range, the volume is not real, the same bot sells back & forth moving the price up, you cant short it,

    if you try to short the bot just replenishes those coins within half a second,

    thats why charting rules dont apply, have you seen the eth chart? nothing like it.

    Manipulation at its best.

    it gets pumped without any corrections, there is 77 million coins in circulation most of that is owned by the same people so the higher they take the price the more they sell to the top..

    that’s why its only on one exchange so Manipulation is easy, if it was on any other big exchange with high Bitcoin volume it wouldn’t be manipulated so easily.

    i actually agree with the developers not allowing the shorting on margin calls as if they didnt stop the shorts price would be lees than a 1$,

    its not fair to short the life out of something using margin when there is no demand yet, so you created the demand., as nobody knows about the coin, there is no real demand, the only way to create the volume & demand is to show people how much money they could make out of this in the next pump…

    its a much faster way to get market share creating fake volume showing a bullish trend to suck people in. its a ponzi but not a long term one just short term to get more genuine volume, pumping to get it noticed.

    you can see this for yourself on polo the only exchange with the volume, easy to see in the order book & you already noticed it, like you said its broken all the rules.

    This tech has a great future they just want to make it happen faster using the price to get publicity which is working & i personally like it.

    if you can speed up the mass adoption using manipulation you should do it, happens in every market.

    take the bull by the horns & drag it up, why not…