AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex. -

AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex.


AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex.

By Alberto Mata

Las Vegas, Nevada – November 3rd at Money 2020 AlphaPoint, a white-label exchange platform, announced a strategic partnership with Bitfinex, a top bitcoin exchange by trading volume based out of Hong Kong. Bitfinex is adopting AlphaPoint’s platform as it’s backend in preparation for scaling to higher transaction volumes. The partnership was announced a day after the official launch of meXBT, a Mexican digital currencies exchange that is powered by the AlphaPoint platform.

Vadim told Bitcoinist that AlphaPoint does due diligence on exchanges that they partner with to ensure the exchange leadership has good intention and a solid business plan.

As exchanges face technological challenges brought upon by increasing transaction volumes and security threats, AlphaPoint offers a scalable and secure exchange engine. Organizations that are creating exchanges could save much of the overhead involved with developing an exchange platform in-house. AlphaPoint boasts military grade security that utilizes multi-signature technology to secure digital assets. AlphaPoint’s design is modeled after high frequency trading risk analysis platforms, and can perform at up to one million transactions per second.

The AlphaPoint-Bitfinex partnership announcement comes less than a month after a successful funding round where AlphaPoint raised $1.35 million. The team attracted investments from DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg, Invite Media co-founder Scott Becker, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and Robin Hood Ventures.

The AlphaPoint team has experience building financial platforms together, and set their sights on the cryptocurrency space almost 2 years ago. They spent a year building out the platform, and are actively improving it. Vadim joined the team in 2013, and is enthusiastic about the disruptive potential of Bitcoin.

“I helped my Dad build a website back in the early Internet days, but I was too young to do much more…Bitcoin is like the internet of our generation except it’s bigger,” says Vadim.

Photo Source: AlphaPoint Online

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