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About Bitcoin Startups Munich

Bitcoin Startups Munich, was founded by corporate finance consultant and author of the industry report “The Intelligent Crypto-Investor” Dr. Bastian Brand. In response to the perceived need to create a business-oriented networking group that brings together Bitcoin enthusiasts with investors, entrepreneurs and developers from the Munich region, Bitcoin Startups Munich aims to operate on two levels.

First, it organizes a range of events and workshops. Within the context of these events presentations are given that help people understand how Bitcoin works both from a technical as well as from a business / economic / investment perspective.

Second it features a website. The website of Bitcoin Startups Munich contains profiles of Bitcoin-related startups as well as live recordings of the presentations given at the aforementioned events. By providing this information the website helps investors to find suitable companies, sector experts and entrepreneurs to reach out to a global audience and Bitcoin enthusiasts around the globe to access quality content on the latest developments in the Bitcoin space.

The website and media presence of Bitcoin Startups Munich is managed by Cris Genc who has recently written an academic thesis on the success criteria of Bitcoin adoption in German e-commerce.

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