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2$ / GH/s? Yes, it is possible with CloudHashing…

Cloud Mining

CloudHashing, the first cloud Bitcoin mining company in the world, is further strengthening their market leadership by offering a record price for hashing power. “Our recent merger with the advanced hardware manufacturer HighBitCoin to form the company PeerNova allows us to do things no one else can in regards to volume of hashing power and price point,” said Lukas Gilkey of CloudHashing. PeerNova’s new PetaOne Blade features a custom 28nm chip with an industry leading power efficiency of 0.35W per GH/s.

“Our recent merger with the most advanced hardware manufacturer in the world allows us to create very efficient hardware in large volumes to best serve our current and future customers.”

Said Lukas Gilkey .

The mining contracts are set to go live in August and are 1 year in length. From the CloudHashing newsletter, “World Record Lowest Hosted Mining Pricing is $1.99 per GH with a limited volume available on a first come first serve basis. To take advantage of this offer, please contact CloudHashing at [email protected] or by phone at (512)758-7847.”

“The merger was facilitated to position CloudHashing and HighBitCoin at the forefront of Bitcoin as the two leading companies in their respective spaces.”

Lukas added.

CloudHashing is also celebrating 35,000+ bitcoins mined in the last eight months on behalf of its customers. At today’s price, that equates to more than $21 million dollar.

CloudHashing is a pioneer in the Bitcoin industry and was the first to introduce cloud-based Bitcoin mining. To date, 7,000+ customers have purchased mining contracts through the CloudHashing website. By taking the technical complexities and hard work out of mining bitcoins, CloudHashing enables everyone to participate in the growth of Bitcoin. The Texas-based company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley based PeerNova.

For more information visit: Cloudhashing.com



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