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  • 12:24

    Ending Corporate Tax Evasion – Impact On Bitcoin Companies?

    Tax evasion is a real threat to the global economy, and the biggest culprits are large corporations abusing loopholes to avoid paying taxes. According to research estimates, a total of US$240 billion worth of taxes is not being paid by corporations all over the world. Such a vast sum of money could do a lot […]
  • 12:00

    The Blythe Masters Philosophy: Pay no Attention to Bitcoin

    Blythe Masters, the Wall Street executive who became the youngest managing director of J.P. Morgan,  likes the blockchain. However, the Chief Executive Officer of the startup Digital Asset Holdings doesn’t pay much attention to Bitcoin. The former credit derivative product manager told Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit, “I never became particularly enamored with cryptocurrency.” Also read: […]
  • 8:00
    0 President Shone Anstey on new Bitcoin Blockchain Analytics Engine is a new company in the Bitcoin industry that looks to be taking on the difficult task of making blockchain analytics easier and providing more information. They have been coding from the ground up a new way to search and corollate the data the blockchain provides. The Bitcoin blockchain contains all the data of […]
  • 5:32

    JCB And Fujitsu Launch Palm Vein Payment Authentication By Storing Data on Centralized Servers

    Making the traditional financials sector more secure requires a lot of technical innovation. Unfortunately, the financial sector has seen little to no innovation over the past few decades. In recent months, however, various companies have been experimenting with passwordless and contactless payments. Palm vein technology is now making its way to ATMs and merchant terminals. […]
  • 12:14

    BitX Smart Wallet Launched for Mobile Bitcoin Users

    Every time a new mobile Bitcoin wallet is released, people get excited about its new features. Over the past few months, most mobile Bitcoin wallets have announced new features, but nothing makes them stand out from one another. Just yesterday, the new BitX Smart Wallet was released, which offers some near, albeit not groundbreaking, features. […]
  • 8:00

    Bitcoin in Business: Why don’t most Businesses Accept Digital Currency?

    Bitcoin is in a unique place right now, it has the ability to help businesses increase their revenue and decreases transaction fees paid for point-of-sale transactions. Many businesses have started to accept Bitcoin payments for goods and services, but many still don’t — despite the number of Bitcoin payment processing companies that allow businesses to […]
  • 5:10
    Bitcoinist_Arbitration Clause

    Denying Financial Service Providers To Hide Behind Arbitration Clauses

    The traditional financial ecosystem has been on the brink of collapsing for quite some time. To put one more nail in the coffin of traditional finance, it will become much easier for consumers to sue their credit card company in the near future. Right now, credit card companies are protected by an arbitration clause, but […]
  • 20:49
    Bitcoinist_Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015

    Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015: Shaping the Future of Bitcoin?

    The Bitcoin ecosystem extends far beyond the realm of finance and money; there are so many use cases for the blockchain technology underpinning the digital currency. While developers and engineers try to come up with creative ways to integrate the blockchain into our daily lives, various conferences are taking place all over the world, which […]
  • 17:41
    Bitcoinist_Lots of Bitcoins

    Lionsgate now Accepts Bitcoin on Online Store

    Lionsgate, a leader in the entertainment industry, has announced that they have partnered with GoCoin to integrate Bitcoin payments on their online shop for DVD and Blu-ray discs. Customers that pay with Bitcoin will receive a 25% discount on their orders during the special limited time promotion. In addition to online sales, Lionsgate is also […]
  • 8:00

    Quantum Computing Draws Closer; Danger for Bitcoin?

    A team of engineers from the University of New South Wales has developed a device that allows two quantum bits, known as qubits, to communicate with one another, this brings the world one step closer to quantum computing. The device achieves communication of two qubits with silicon. Binary bits take a state of either 0 […]

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