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    Bitcoin halving

    Bitcoin Rises, But What Will Happen in July at the Halving?

    Bitcoin is back up! Since our last price piece and Ether’s rise to the top with arguably the largest crowdsale in history, bitcoin has grown by about $9 in price and is getting people excited once again. Also read: Ether to Blame for Bitcoin’s Decline? As with all ascensions, bitcoin enthusiasts are coming out of the […]
  • 4:02

    Tech Reporter Gets NFC Payment Chip Implant In His Hand

    When a Bitcoin user embedded a payment chip into his hand, people assumed he was crazy. But apparently, he sparked a bright concept, as tech reporter Charlie Warzel did the same with an NFC-enabled payment chip. Also read: Kraken Details the Latest Mt Gox Creditors Meeting It is important for users to keep in mind […]
  • 14:41
    Mt Gox

    Kraken Details the Latest Mt Gox Creditors Meeting

    The leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken and Tokyo’s court-appointed trustee has announced the current status of all Mt Gox claims have been determined. For the first time, thousands of claimants will be able to see if their claim has been accepted and will soon be processed. Also read: Blockchain-based Remittance App AirPocket Comes To Latin America The […]
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    Ethereum BTCS

    BTCS Expands Ethereum Hosting Business

    Arlington, VA – (May 25, 2016) – BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, increased its Ethereum-mining hosting business to approximately 150 kilowatts (“kw”), up from approximately 50kw announced in March 2016. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist […]
  • 10:40

    Lisk Launch: First ‘Modular’ Cryptocurrency Hits the Market

    Lisk has finally launched, deploying what it calls the “first truly scalable cryptocurrency,” following a $6.5 million USD crowdsale. This platform aims to enable developers from diverse backgrounds to build blockchain applications by supporting JavaScript compatibility. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin […]
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    Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Ransomware CryptXXX 3.0

    CryptXXX 3.0 Beats Kaspersky Labs Decryption Tool Again

    Just a few days ago, we reported how Kaspersky Labs has been able to crack the CryptXXX decryption code and create a tool which lets users restore file access without paying the Bitcoin ransom. The latest CryptXXX update nullifies this tool entirely, and security researchers are back to square one. Also read:Deloitte Blockchain Lab in […]
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    Bitcoinist_Dublin Blockchain Lab

    Deloitte Blockchain Lab in Dublin Will Create Fifty Jobs

    Blockchain technology is captivating audiences all over the world, and Deloitte wants to bring even more attention to this industry. The company unveiled its plans to create a new European blockchain lab in Dublin, which brings fifty new jobs the region as well. With so many companies all over the world exploring the boundaries of […]
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    Bitcoinist_Coding Education

    Tim Cook: “Coding Needs To Be A Part Of Education”

    The topic of coding has been kicked around several times, as there is no dedicated educational program in place which teaches codes how to code. Apple CEO Tim Cook feels there is a growing need for such a platform, as it is equally as important as learning a secondary language. Also read: Blockchain-based Remittance App AirPocket […]
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    Cumberland Mining

    Cumberland Mining Has ‘Won Big Bitcoin Auctions’

    On May 23rd, TradeBlock announced that it is servicing an interesting trading company called Cumberland Mining. TradeBlock says it will be enabling an “order management system and execution tool set” for the enterprise. Cumberland Mining is associated with the principal trading group DRW Holdings LLC. Not much is known about  this company, but it is said […]
  • 3:54

    Blockchain-based Remittance App AirPocket Comes To Latin America

    Blockchain technology has a lot of potential to disrupt the financial sector, and DigitalX is one of the companies wielding the blockchain for remittance purpose. Now that the company has inked a deal with Telefonica in Latin America, AirPocket will be coming to that region very soon. Also read: Lisk Expands Team Heading Into May […]

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