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    Darkode Rises Again, Bitcoin Authentication Now Enabled

    Two weeks ago, the US Government made an important breakthrough in the ongoing war against cyber crime when intelligence agencies managed to shut down Darkode. This forum, which acts as a marketplace for malware, spyware, and hacking tools, has been a thorn in the eye of government officials for quite some time. But despite best […]
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    Bitcoinist_Sharing Data

    Crowdcube Crowd Equity Platform Raises £6m in Additional Funding

    Crowdcube, a crowd funding equity platform, has raised $9.3 million from stockbroker Numis, Tim Draper and his London-based VC firm Draper Esprit, and existing backer Balderton Capital. After the new investments worth around £6m, Crowdcube is now valued at £51m. The additional funding will allow Crowdcube to offer new companies the ability to secure investors before going […]
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    CryptoBullion Announces New PoSP Algorithm, New Focus on Chinese Markets

    CryptoBullion (CBX) is an ultra-rare cryptocurrency that has been in circulation for over two years now. With less than 1 million CBX in circulation, inflation rates of just over 2% are implemented to mimic the supply rate of precious metals such as platinum, with some positioning CBX as the platinum alternative to Bitcoins gold. Disclaimer: […]
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    Ben Lawsky Rejects the Accusation of Conflict of Interests!

    Ben Lawsky Rejects Conflict of Interest Accusations 

    Ever since Benjamin Lawsky, former superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), and the man behind the BitLicense, departed from his job and founded a virtual currency compliance consultancy firm, he has faced accusations of creating a conflict of interest. Also read: Refutes BitLicense, Halts Services in New York Area Soon […]
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    CoinPoint, Marketing Company Specializing With Bitcoin Gambling

    CoinPoint is an Australian based online marketing company which started operation back in 2013 with the sole focus of marketing the Bitcoin gambling niche to the wider mainstream market. Not only do they have experience in the gambling industry, they also provide their services to Bitcoin e-commerce, mining, and trading platforms as well. Disclaimer: This […]
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    HashingSpace Announces New Ticker After Reverse Merger

    HashingSpace Corporation is an enterprise stationed in Wenatchee, Washington, which is beneficial in mining operations due to the competitive electric rates. Besides offering mining services (cloud mining, mining hosting, as well as their own mining farm) as their name suggests, HashingSpace also offers an ATM, Bitcoin wallet, multipool, and a free Bitcoin price ticker. “Electricity […]
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    Bitcoinist_Mobile Security

    AppBugs Identifies Security Flaws in Bitcoin Apps

    Financial technology is slowly gravitating towards a more mobile-friendly approach, which brings forth both convenience and ease-of-use. But at the same time, mobile operating systems are far from perfect, as there are quite a few security risks associated with mobile operating systems. AppBugs has recently launched a toolset that will identify security vulnerabilities in mobile […]
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    Bitcoinist_Voice Verification

    ING Bank Experiments With Voice Verification, Blockchain Authentication Far More Secure

    Security is a key element of importance when it comes to storing funds. Regardless of whether a user keeps funds in their bank account, in cash, on their mobile device or in Bitcoin, without top notch security, there is always a threat of someone stealing money from them. Dutch bank ING thinks they have found […]
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    Enhance to Open Singapore Base to Meet Asian FinTech Demand

    The Enhance Group recently announced that it will open a new base in Singapore — its first location in Asia. Enhance, an industry-leading FinTech company that offers investment services, has experienced tremendous growth with the rise of FinTech. This new location will open in response to the expanding FinTech industry and increasing demand for financial technology services in […]
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    XScrypt Cloud Mining Provider Shows True Ponzi Colors?

    Cloud mining service providers have been facing hard times ever since the Bitcoin price dropped below $320. Whereas major Bitcoin cloud mining service providers had to shut down operations for an undisclosed amount of time, new companies started appearing all over the internet. XScrypt is one of those cloud mining companies, but it looks like […]
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    Using Backdoors for Government Surveillance is “A Stupid Idea”.

    The US government is looking for ways to obtain more sensitive personal information from its citizens. To do so, a proposal was made a few weeks ago to have companies build in a “backdoor” into their hardware and programs, through which the government can gain access to user data. However, even Michael Chertoff, former head […]
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    Cyber Security

    The Reasoning Behind Massive Backing for Darktrace

    Darktrace, a cyber security company, backed by Mike Lynch, was recently valued at an estimated 100 million dollars. This was surprising to many as the company has been open for a mere two years, yet it is working with big companies such as Virgin Trains. The reasoning behind Darktrace’s success is a mystery to many. […]
  • 15:19

    University Of Maryland Receives Cryptocurrency Research Grants

    Editor’s Note: We would like to apologize for the factual inaccuracy of this article. The University of Maryland is not giving research grants; rather, they have received a grant from the National Science Foundation so they can study cryptocurrency.  Update: This article has been modified to correct a number of reporting inaccuracies that appeared in […]
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    Bitcoinist_Court of Cassation

    The Federal Government Orders Citibank to Pay $700 Million to Customers

    When the instances of overcharging and the use of “deceptive marketing” techniques to exploit customers are increasing in numbers, the decision by the federal government to order Citibank to pay $700 million to customers is exemplary. Also read: OneCoin MLM Scheme References Bitcoin To Attract Investors The official website of the CFPB says that 8.8 […]
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    Bitcoinist_Uber Bitcoin

    Uber Drivers Get Creative to Accept Bitcoin Donations

    The story on whether or not Uber will be integrating Bitcoin payments in their system remains officially “no”. But that isn’t keeping Uber drivers from trying to collect Bitcoin tips during rides. Some drivers put up a large QR code on the back of their seat, whereas others create business cards with a Bitcoin wallet […]
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    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 7/19 – 7/26: BTC & LTC Rebound, $300 incoming?

      With a positive gain of around $20 this week, Bitcoin seems to be rebounding, perhaps for a potential break through the $300 barrier once again. The small bump in price is most likely associated with the positive news surrounding Gemini, the Bitcoin exchange in the making brought to you by the Winklevoss twins. Also […]
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    Spells of Genisis Token Sale Launches with Shapeshift

    Update: The Spells of Genesis Token Sale has been postponed until August 4, 2015. The Spells of Genesis Crowd Sale is all set for next week. Spells of Genesis (SoG) is the  most awaited trading card/arcade game of the year, from the well-known EverdreamSoft (EDS). It is being developed to have Bitcoin and the Blockchain […]
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    Cubits Welcomes Jon Matonis On Board of Directors

    Cubits, known as “Europes Gateway to Bitcoin”, is a company that offers instantaneous exchange of Bitcoin as well as the storing of Bitcoin through their wallet. With a 3-step process to purchase Bitcoin for new users, and with global availability (excluding the USA) through the 17 accepted currencies, Cubits is arguably one of the easiest […]
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    HORNET Combines User Privacy and High Speed Internet, Bitcoin Implications Possible

    Maintaining privacy while using the Internet is not an easy feat to accomplish. Even though there are alternatives, such as using Tor, for example, there is no way of guaranteeing your information is private at all times. That being said, researchers have created HORNET, a better and faster implementation of what Tor has been trying […]
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    Bitcoinist_OneCoin Large

    OneCoin MLM Scheme References Bitcoin To Attract Investors

    The world of Bitcoin and the digital currency has seen its fair share of scams, Ponzi schemes, and MLM pyramids in recent years. Just a few months ago, HYIP’s seemed to be the “next big thing” in terms of dodgy Bitcoin schemes, but it looks like a certain altcoin is trying the old MLM game […]

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