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    UK Brexit Flags

    Bitcoin Price Down, but Gaining Popularity in UK Following Brexit

    The Brexit vote has come and gone, and while anti-Brexit petitions have arisen among the turmoil, many U.K. residents who have their savings stored in British pounds recently woke up to discover themselves eight percent poorer than what they’re used to. Also read: Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate Move the Price? Bitcoin […]
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    CCTV Botnet

    Global CCTV Botnet Successfully Executed DDoS Attack

    In this day of mass surveillance and privacy awareness, CCTV cameras are often forgotten about. But as it turns out, these monitoring devices can serve an even nefarious purpose, albeit unwillingly. Security researchers uncovered a botnet operating on 25,000 CCTV cameras. This attack targeted a small jewelry store website, which was unavailable for several days. […]
  • 19:39

    A Politician from Paris Wants to Ban Bitcoin

    According to a French report from a blog operated by Bernard Debré the député of the National Assembly of France and a member of the of the Union for a Popular Movement in Paris, Debré wants to ban Bitcoin in the city. The bureaucrat recently found out from a survey he participated in that drugs […]
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    soft fork

    DAO Wars Soft Fork Makes Ethereum Blockchain Vulnerable

    The Ethereum community has a lot to decide lately as the network has been preparing for an upcoming soft fork expected to start roughly around June 30. According to pools who have implemented the soft fork are showing consensus for the procedure. With the Ethereum community planning on the next step another revelation from […]
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    Bitcoinist_Office 365

    Office 365 Zero-day Leads To Ransomware Phishing Attacks

    Sometimes it feels like the only way Bitcoin makes headlines is either through a price change or ransomware. Cerber, one of the most dangerous types of Bitcoin ransomware alive today, has been cloned into a new variant. As a result, this undisclosed type of malware can target Office 365 users through a zero-day attack. It […]
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    bitcoin price

    Technical Analysis: Light at End of Tunnel for Bitcoin Price

    The bitcoin price has accomplished its first technical cycle, and a congestion area could institute a trading box for the next 3 months, depending on fundamentals, political factors and news before a new rise to the annual objective near $1800 USD. Also read: Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate Move the Price? Bitcoin Price Headed […]
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    Russian Policymakers Set To Deal Another Blow To Encryption

    It if were up to Russian policymakers, Internet controls will become even more strict in the country moving forward. Labeled as an anti-terrorism campaign, there are plans to increase online surveillance measures. If this were to happen, ISPs would need to log metadata about customers for at last three years. Should this proposal pass, encryption […]
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    Brexit Bitcoin Price

    Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate Move the Price?

    Another bitcoin price hike is in the books following the unexpected Brexit. At press time, bitcoin has started a recovery and is now hovering around $655 USD. Also read: Bitcoin Price Suffers Nasty Plunge, but It’s Too Early to Panic Bitcoin and Brexit Bitcoin was doing quite well last week, having surpassed the $700 without much […]
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    Australia Parliament

    Blockchain Democracy Party on Ballot in Australian Election

    A party standing in next week’s Australian election wants to hand voting power directly to its members, exercising and trading political power with verifiable transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Also read: Blockchain-Based Voting Could Fix Election Security in the United States State of Flux: Vote Blockchain The party, called Flux, is running 13 candidates for the Australian […]
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    Bitcoin Industry Report

    Industry Report: Bitcoin ‘Hooking Up’ With Traditional Finance

    Is Canada going cashless? Are PayPal and Coinbase an item? Is IBM testing the blockchain? Take a look below to catch up on all the Bitcoin and digital currency news. Also read: Industry Report: How Badly Was the DAO Attacked? Is the Finance Sector Getting Cozy With Bitcoin? COINBASE In what’s being called a “stellar […]

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